Trimble 3600 Total Station Series

Highly productive, innovative 3D measuring system

Key Features and Benefits

• Extensive software choice
• Choice of user interface
• 1 mm + 1 ppm High-precision DR EDM system with reflectorless measurement capability
• QuickDrive—clamp free operation and endless slow motions
• Trigger Key measurement
• 3600 DR Arctic model for work in temperatures down to –32°C

Whether you work as a topographic, cadastral, building or construction surveyor, the innovative Trimble 3600 Total Station series is designed to optimize your workflow and field productivity.

Increased Productivity

For operation in high productivity environments, the QuickDrive with its clamp free operation and endless slow motions deliver huge productivity gains over conventional clamps. The ergonomically placed Trigger Key close to the QuickDrive activates the measurement quickly and conveniently.

DR Measurement Mode

The innovative DR EDM system option is ideal for surveying where the target is difficult, impossible or dangerous to reach. It opens up a world of new applications—building elevation surveys, tunnel profiling, measuring to objects on private land, and safe positioning of points in active traffic. This system enables you to measure to any object within 80 m (262 ft) (Kodak Grey Card 18% reflective) and up to 120 m (394 ft) (Kodak Grey Card 90% reflective), with no need for a prism. The coaxial visible laser spot facilitates aiming in interior or low light applications.

Data Capture

The 3600 series of instruments has four choices of user interface. The first option is the ACU controller, a highlygraphical color unit that attaches to the 3600. The ACU runs your choice of Trimble Survey Controller™ software or Trimble Survey Pro* software. The second option is the detachable Geodimeter® Control Unit with color-coded keys, containing a wide variety of software applications, and up to 8,000 point memory capacity. Existing Geodimeter users can move to the new platform with no change to routine operation.

Another choice is the built-in Zeiss Elta Panel with programmable DOS open system architecture providing 4Mb memory, custom applications, and the ability to run both third-party software, e.g. TDS, and the Zeiss Elta® Software.

The final option is the TSCe™ data collector—a rugged handheld unit that runs Trimble Survey Controller software or Trimble Survey Pro* software.

Wireless Communications with the Office

The 3600 series with the Zeiss Elta Panel utlizes industry standard infrared (IR) communications in addition to conventional RS-232 communications. Using the IR communication port you can transfer files to and from PDA’s and certain cellular phones without the need for a cable. The cellular phone can transfer your data to or from the office without the need for you to ever leave site—ideal when you arrive at the job site without all your data!

Truly Integrated Surveying™

The 3600 series is the ideal complement to Trimble’s GPS systems—you can use the 3600 to collect data that cannot be measured  by GPS: indoor measurements or building facade measurements for example. The two are seamlessly linked using the ACU or the TSCe controller, enabling you to easily switch between RTK and total station measurement. All the combined data can be processed and analyzed in Trimble survey office solutions.

Arctic Surveying 

The 3600 DR Arctic Total Station has been created to handle extremely low temperatures—down to -32°C (-25°F). The combination of the DR measurement system and the Arctic instrument specifications is ideal for use in colder regions where temperatures regularly drop below -10°C. The 3600 is provided with an Arctic Geodimeter Control Unit that is also designed for low temperature work. Providing all the benefits of a conventional total station, with optional DR capability, the Trimble 3600 Total Station series can make you more productive than ever before.

*Only available in North America