Trimble S5 - S7 - S9 Robotic Total Stations

The Most Advanced Stations.
The Ultimate in Efficiency.


Our four total stations; the S5, S7, S9 and the S9 HP; deliver even greater performance and more features than ever. Together, they offer a clear choice—between an all-in-one station for maximum flexibility, an everyday workhorse designed for basic surveying, and an extremely precise model for specialized needs. They’re all backed by Trimble’s legendary training, service and support.

At Trimble, we’re constantly focused on making the dayto-day job of surveying faster, easier and more productive. All of our total stations’ features, functions and software components are designed to boost efficiency in the field and in the office without compromising performance and accuracy.

Our DR Plus EDM enables faster in-field measurements with fewer setups while enhancing scanner performance. SurePoint™ technology reduces aiming errors and costly re-measurements. Our proven field software, Trimble Access™, ensures quick data capture in the field. Trimble SureScan technology boosts accuracy, ensures repeatability, and cuts the time necessary to return to the field to collect additional data.

 It doesn’t stop there. Data processing is easier and faster using Trimble® Business Center software to integrate all of your geospatial collected data.

The conclusion is clear: Trimble Total Stations offer the ultimate in efficient, reliable performance.

Trimble Total Stations: trusted today, designed for tomorrow.

For more than a decade, on countless jobs all over the world, Trimble Robotic Total Stations have delivered superior performance, reliability and effi ciency. But at Trimble, we are always pushing the envelope, innovating—improving.

Rely on Trimble Total Stations to:

►Deliver surveying, imaging and 3D scanning in one powerful solution
► Capture data faster and more accurately
► Give the advantage of Trimble VISION™ technology for video robotic control, scene documentation and measurements
► Improve accuracy, even over long distances, with Trimble DR Plus and DR HP EDMs
► Create enhanced 3D models
► Enable quick data processing with Trimble Business Center offi ce software
► Locate your equipment in real-time with Locate2Protect and manage your equipment with Trimble InSphere™ Equipment Manager

S7 Total Station


Imagine needing just one total station on your job site to perform all of the data capture. Imagine just one powerfully equipped total station to handle scanning, imaging and surveying, to create 3D models, to process highly accurate visual site documentation and point clouds, and to do much more. That total station is the Trimble S7.

Work Faster with Integrated Scanning and VISION

With Trimble SureScan you collect and process data faster by focusing on collecting the right points, not just more points. SureScan patented technology maintains a user-defined, equal density of points so you won’t capture too many points at short distances or too few points at longer distances.

The S7 is equipped with Trimble VISION technology. Use it to direct your survey through live video images on the controller. Back in the office, you can use your Trimble VISION data for measurements, or to process 360-degree panoramas and high dynamic range (HDR) images for even clearer deliverables.

Enhance your Accuracy with Trimble DR Plus

The S7, equipped with our DR Plus EDM, delivers enhanced scanner performance with fewer instrument setups. Our DR Plus range measurement feature also dramatically extends the range of Direct Reflex measurement without a prism. Trimble DR Plus makes for quick and easy measurements without compromising accuracy.

Fully loaded for maximum fl exibility and performance.


The Trimble S7 is a powerful total station with all of the features and tools you need to maximize efficiency in the field and in the office. Other technologies you’ll find standard:
► MagDrive, for exceptional speed and accuracy, reduce wear and tear, and smooth, silent operation ► FineLock, which detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms, ensuring target lock over long distances, and eliminating errors caused by interference
► SurePoint, ensures precise pointing and measuring by staying on target through virtually any situation, from windy weather to vibrations
► Locate2Protect technology and InSphere Equipment Manager
► Industry-leading fi eld and offi ce software for fast data collection and processing no matter the Trimble instrument


Trimble SureScan technology is a true productivitybooster that saves you time in the field and in the office. It allows you to easily and quickly define a single framed area and set a consistent resolution. This means cleaner, more usable initial data sets, which minimizes the amount of point data and the number of setups required while facilitating office data processing.

With SureScan, you can efficiently capture everything you need to create digital terrain models (DTMs) and volume calculations. Plus you can perform topographic measurements faster than traditional surveying methods.

S9 and S9 HP Total Stations


We took our best field technologies, added our highest level of accuracy, and then included all of our specialized engineering features. The result is the Trimble S9 and S9 HP, our premium-performance Total Stations designed for your most-challenging projects.

Whether it’s for tunnels, monitoring, mines, or other difficult applications, rely on the S9 Total Stations to combine scanning, imaging and surveying into a single, precise solution.

Get the performance and accuracy you need for specialized applications.

Get the Advanced Solution You Need for Tough Jobs

Here are just some of the powerful features and options available for the Trimble S9:
► 0.5" or 1" accuracy
► Specialized modules for tunnels, monitoring, or mines for dedicated workfl ows
► Optional Trimble SureScan and VISION technology
► Trimble SurePoint
► DR HP EDM in the Trimble S9 HP
► Monitor projects—both real time and post-processed—to rapidly detect critical structural movements, with Trimble 4D Control™ software
► Additional engineering-specifi c features include Trimble FineLock™ technology and our Class 3R laser pointer. Trimble Finelock detects targets without interference from surrounding prisms and LongRange Finelock extends that functionality; both provide critical support for high precision applications in close quarters, such as rail alignment, deformation monitoring and tunneling. The Class 3R laser pointer visually mark points at greater range in tunnels or underground mines.

S5 Total Stations


The Trimble S5 offers the ideal package of exclusive Trimble features and proven technology to help you work efficiently and accurately, project after project, year after year.

This is the economical, proven performer that makes your job easier both in the field and in the office. And it’s backed by the world-class support—including service and training—you expect from Trimble.

Measure Farther and Faster with the S5

The S5 can include a complete package of Trimble technology to deliver solid, reliable results, on a full range of projects:
► DR Plus EDM for measuring at greater distances with fewer instrument set-ups, while enhancing scanning performance
► Your choice of 1", 2", 3", and 5" accuracy
► MagDrive™ servo technology, SurePoint, Locate2Protect and InSphere Equipment Manager standard

The reliable, effi cient, trusted performer.


Trimble MultiTrack and ActiveTrack 360 Targets

Trimble targets are built for surveyors and field engineers looking for a reliable, robust and easy to use solution for robotic surveying. The new ActiveTrack 360 target was designed to provide a smaller, lightweight target for optical surveying utilizing Trimble’s industry leading active tracking technology.

 ActiveTrack 360 target is an active-only device and thus contains no glass prisms. Eliminating the prisms provides for a smaller, lighter weight target, while maintaining robustness and measurement accuracy.

The Trimble MultiTrack™ target provides versatility to track both active and passive targets. Up to eight active targets can operate simultaneously on the same site with no risk of tracking the wrong target, ensuring accuracy and completeness of work with no loss in productivity due to false target lock.


Know where your total stations are 24 hours a day with Trimble Locate2Protect technology. See where your equipment is at any given time and get alerts if your instrument leaves a job site or experiences unexpected equipment shock or abuse.

Save time managing all of your instruments firmware, software and maintenance requirements with our cloud-based Trimble InSphere™ Equipment Manager application. Now you can view usage and keep up-to-date on all of your total stations in one location.



Make Everyday Work Effi cient, with Trimble Access Field Software

With its easy-to-use interface and feature coding, its featurerich graphical coordinate geometry routines for calculating points and features, and its graphical staking of points, lines, arcs, and alignments from active maps, Trimble Access helps you dramatically reduce downtime and increase efficiency. And Trimble Access keeps you even more organized and productive, with Integrated Surveying Technology that combines optical, scanning, and GNSS data plus images to the same job.

You also can rely on Trimble Access to bridge the gap between the field and the office by enabling file sharing in real time. Move files, send clients updates, and even deliver completed projects, all online, all via Trimble Access.

Streamline the Process with Trimble Business Center

When you return to the office, Trimble Business Center software makes it easy to check, process and adjust your optical and GNSS data. Plus, you can rely on this versatile software to help you:
► Perform traverse and network adjustments for highly accurate positioning information with the enhanced adjustment capabilities
► Use the total station editor to view data captured
► Key in measurements in the convenient spreadsheet view
► Use Trimble VISION to review the original and annotated images from Trimble Access, to generate HDR images for higher accuracy deliverables and extract information with greater confidence

The power tools for maximum effi ciency.


Trimble VISION gives you the power to see everything the instrument sees without a trip back to the tripod. Direct your survey with live video images on the controller. VISION’s calibrated photo documentation provides customers with deliverables they can trust. VISION’s improved camera offers a sharper image through the controller and the HDR option captures images in poor light conditions. VISION frees you to:
► Quickly document your site
► Capture measurements with point-and-click effi ciency
► Calculate measurements back in the offi ce
► Process 360-degree panoramas and high dynamic range (HDR) images for even more-precise deliverables