Topcon GT Series Robotic Toatal Station

The Ultimate Total Station

  •  UltraSonic Direct Drive motors – Fastest Robotic Total Station in the World! 
  • 30% smaller and lighter than any Topcon Robotic instrument with more functionality 
  • TSshield™ global service 
  • Advanced UltraTrac technology 
  • 3-year instrument and 5-year motor warranty 
  • Available in two models: GT-500 and GT-1000

The GT Series of robotic total stations is a trimmed down, high-performance solution. You get the efficiency of a single-operator robotic system, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, and performance as a hybrid positioning solution. 


UltraSonic technology is the driving force for the GT Series. The UltraSonic motors are the thinnest, lightest, and the fastest on the market – providing you with the smoothest, fastest and most accurate prism-tracking possible. It’s a difference you can see and hear immediately. With a turning speed of 180° per-second, no matter how fast you move, or how many obstacles are in the way, you cannot outrun the GT. 


Our new UltraTrac technology gives you increased prism-tracking strength in all conditions. Advanced instrument algorithms deliver the confidence you need to move ahead. It’s not that you lose line-of-sight, it’s how fast you can reacquire and get back to work. 

Ultra-slim and reliable 

Featuring a remarkably slimmed down design, the compact system is a third smaller and lighter than any Topcon robotic instrument, yet twice as fast. Without traditional gears or wearing parts, the UltraSonic motors are more rugged and durable – lasting four times longer than previous total stations, and we back it with a five-year warranty

Workdays turned into workflows 

• Direct connectivity to both MAGNET® Enterprise and Sitelink3D global web services 
• Easy collaboration from project sites to office staff and managers 
• Instant file sharing with both Autodesk® AutoCAD Civil 3D and Bentley MicroStation

Ultra Sonic Motor 

Experience power like you’ve never seen or heard before 

• Long-lasting gearless design backed by the industry leading warranty 
• Turning speed of 180° per second 
• Compact motor efficiency

Integrated cellular modem 

• Instant Internet connection from project site 
• MAGNET® Field on-board for team collaboration 
• Asset management through MAGNET® Enterprise service 

Sharp display 

• Larger and brighter color touch screen 
• User-friendly interface with simple setup routines and hot keys 
• Faster processor for improved response time

Versatile solution 

• Hybrid Positioning™ with quick addition of HiPer SR receiver • Compatible with RC-5 remote 
• Reflectorless out to 1,000 m 

Guaranteed reliability 

• 3-year instrument warranty 
• 5-year UltraSonic motor warranty 
• TSshield™ for worry-free theft deterrence and firmware maintenance