Sokkia GRX2 GNSS Receiver

Sokkia GRX2 has been enhanced with the latest GNSS chipset technology, providing 226 channels
and superior antenna quality. Both RTK and Static operations will be completed with increased productivity. The GRX2 provides unmatched usability and versatility that guarantees to increase productivity.

GRX2 GNSS Receiver

The GRX2 receiver is a fully integrated dual constellation receiver, antenna, radio, and optional cellular modem. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth® module, now enhanced for better performance, is designed into a rugged magnesium alloy body.

Fully Scalable Architecture

The GRX2 can be re-configured with scalable upgrades. The GRX2 can be purchased as a single frequency GPS only receiver at a low cost and later upgraded to dual frequency, add a radio or cellular modem, and additional signal capability for GLONASS and Galileo.

226 Channels for GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo Signals

• 226 tracking channels with Universal Tracking Technology
• Programmable channels for tracking available signals
• Supports SBAS, QZSS, QLL

Triple Wireless Technologies Inside

Three commonly-used wireless technologies can be integrated into the GRX2 receiver.

• Digital UHF Modem (receiver/transmitter): for RTK base and rover
• GSM/HSPA Modem: for network RTK, and MAGNET Relay
• Bluetooth® Modem: for controller and other PC

Maximum Versatility in RTK Applications

Utilizing full wireless connectivity and voice navigation system, the GRX2 facilitates the use of both RTK and network RTK technologies.

• Built-in GSM/HSPA modem makes the GRX2 an ideal  rover receiver for network RTK positioning.
• Can be used for both private RTK base and RTK rover using an internal digital UHF modem without any extra device.
• MAGNET Relay Ready - Cellular to Cellular base/rover RTK.
• Voice messages notify the users when RTK is fixed or lost, or other  problems occur.

Other Hardware Features

• 22 status LED displays are exceptionally viewable even under bright sunlight.
• Data storage in popular SD/SDHC cards.
• IP67 dust/water protection.
• One detachable battery powers the receiver for up to 6 hours in RTK usage  with UHF radio communication.
• The BDC70 Li-ion battery can be used for Sokkia total stations and digital levels.

Data Collectors

The GRX2 has built-in internal Bluetooth® that allows the user to choose their data collector model and software. This open architecture allows more choice for the user to use the style data collector that they prefer. Whether it is a small palm-sized screen only device, or a larger screen handheld, or even a field visible laptop, the GRX2 is ready to connect.


MAGNET Field provides a bright, graphical user interface with large touch icons and bright readable text. Select your color scheme Black, Gold, Blue, Silver, for your best visibility.


MAGNET software is tailored for use with Sokkia GNSS receivers in both field and office works.

MAGNET Enterprise

A managers dream of tracking all field and office data in one simple web interface. Store and exchange data in the Enterprise cloud. Save the drive time by sending updates to the cloud rather than driving back to the office.


Full CAD functionality with MAGNET Office Site and Topo. Or field data processing with MAGNET Office Tools inside AutoCAD® products, like Civil3D®. The MAGNET Office solution has what you need.

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