The new Leica TS30 total station is unique. This new total station has redefi ned precise surveying by offering unmatched accuracy and quality. Never again will surveyors with demanding tasks need to make compromises, the TS30 total station is ready for any challenge.

       It all started more than 75 years ago with the Wild T3 precision theodolite that stunned the surveying community with highly accurate measurements. Now, four generations later, Leica Geosystems continues to build on the values of accuracy and quality. The latest generation of Champions, the Leica TS30 total station has reached the pinnacle. Generations of surveyors
have trusted in accuracy and quality from Leica Geosystems, now it’s time to take this trust to the next level.

Leica TS30 Pride in accuracy

Surveyors take great pride in accuracy. The Leica TS30 delivers impressive performance in individual disciplines. But most importantly it is a champion in perfectly combining angle measurement, distance measurement, automatic target recognition and motorisation. The accuracy of the Leica TS30 is in a league of its own, a true companion for surveyors with pride

Leica TS30
Performance that counts
Achieving both high performance and high accuracy is challenging. The Leica TS30 has reached a new level of performance, whereby high accuracy surveying can be achieved in an easy, fast and reliable way, regardless of the project demands.

Leica TS30
A winning team

Leica TS30 surveyors benefi t from more than a total station. What fi rst seems to be a total station, is actually one component in the most complete portfolio of solutions for precise surveying. The Leica TS30 offers unlimited fl exibility and scalability through complete compatibility with System 1200 accessories.

GNSS Extension

Equipped with a future proof GNSS antenna, the Leica TS30 SmartStation delivers immediate station coordinates. Furthermore, the combination of a GNSS antenna and the prism accelerates the station positioning and orientation process. The Leica TS30 perfectly combines with GNSS to further enhance productivity.

Whether you want to survey a skyscraper or a tunnel, monitor the movements of a volcano or objects on a construction site – you need reliable data. Leica Geosystems offers a complete portfolio of innovative solutions for precise surveying that deliver unprecedented accuracy, quality and performance. With Leica Geosystems no task is too challenging, leverage your professional imagination to success. Leica Geosystems’ customers benefi t from service and support that spans time zones and geography. With true partnerships – it’s our commitment to continue to provide the level of support and collaboration you have come to expect when you put your trust in Leica Geosystems.

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