Topcon IS Series

Advanced Imaging Technology

  •  Twin Digital Cameras – Wide Angle and 30x optical zoom TTL
  •  Intelligent Image Scanning
  •  XTRAC8 Auto-Tracking
  •  2000m reflectorless measurement
  •  Long range live video instrument control

Imagine the power, accuracy and speed of the proven Topcon QS-A robotic series, give it faster scanning capability and 2 cameras, and you have the IS-3. Advanced imaging and high-accuracy surveying techniques are combined in a single innovative instrument.

How it works:

Topcon’s IS combines our proven robotic technology with dual digital Imaging cameras to provide a
full colour, real-time image on a touch sensitive LCD display. View your data in real time and utilise the iSCAN options for thorough data collection. Select one of these routines to automatically measure feature points, cross sections or regular grids of points.

Point selection - as precisely as you need.

Thanks to digital imaging using our coaxial Through The Lens (TTL) camera, you can be confident that the point you select on the screen and measure is the point you need! Navigate your site with the
wide-angle camera and zoom to pinpoint features which can be measured up to 2000m away. This
can be carried out on the IS-3, or remotely on our field controllers, using the new WT-100, controlling the instrument by live video feed up to an amazing 300m away.

Built on a proven design.

The IS series demonstrates why Topcon continues to be the world’s leader in precision survey instrumentation:
  • Twin Camera Imaging Solution
  • Fast iSCAN scanning routines
  • Superior X-TRAC8™ auto-tracking technology
  • Long range (2km) Class 1 reflectorless EDM measurements
  • Full WiFi functionality for remote live video capability up to 300m from the instrument

iSCAN Intelligent Scanning Technology:

— Automatic feature detection and measurement – save time in the field
— Regular grid scan at up to 20 points per second – affordable access to the laser scanning arena
— Live cross section display based on scanned surface

iDRIVE Touch Control:

— Control the instrument simply by tapping on the touch screen interface
— Seamlessly switch from rover to reflectorless measurement without having to return to the instrument


— Completly cable free Instrument Control
— Remote Connection via WiFi™
— Ideal for remote monitoring, Hazadous area or difficult location working
— Use with PC Based ImageMaster or via WT-100 and Topcon Field Controller

Multiple Communication options :

— 2.4 GHz Interference free spread spectrum Radio
— WiFi™ connectivity
— Optional RC-4 for IR remote control and communications
— Bluetooth®
— New WT-100 increases WiFi range to an incredible 300m for live video control

Sample Robotic System in one Case: 

— IS-3 1”, 3” or 5” instrument
— Charging Cradles
— FC -250 Controller with TopSURV
— WT-100 System
— A7R4 360° prism
— Li-Ion Batteries
— TopSURV on Board for IS
— ImageMaster (Remote Control and Office Processing software)
— Manuals & Utility software

The Leader in Positioning Technology ...

Topcon offers positioning products that deliver unparalleled site-wide performance and integration.
Topcon’s history of technological advances and our reputation for superior reliability means there’s no other company positioned to provide you with a better “Total Positioning Solution.” From survey to inspection Topcon, through our dealer network, provides the innovative technology that gives surveyors, civil engineers, contractors, equipment owners, and operators the competitive edge by addressing such critical issues as increasing profits, quality craftsmanship, improving productivity, lowering operating costs, and enhancing job site safety. 

Full positioning integration field-to-finish:

That’s the goal of Topcon. When it’s time for you to step up to the next level, it’s time to turn to Topcon.

The Leader in Customer Satisfaction ...

To ensure that your Topcon instrument maintains peak performance, your local Topcon dealer offers
factory trained and certified service technicians. If service isn’t available in your area, our European
Service Center offers a repair and return policy second to none.

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