Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner

The Trimble® TX8 laser scanner sets new standards for performance and ease of use in high-speed collection of 3D data. Using a state-of-the-art blend of speed, long range and precision, the Trimble TX8 delivers high quality results in industrial measurement, engineering, construction, forensics and other applications that require high levels of accuracy and flexibility. 

A Revolution in 3D Scanning 

    The Trimble TX8 combines speed and range to reduce the time and effort for 3D scanning. The Trimble TX8 lets you gather data more quickly from each setup while the scanner’s long range reduces the number of setups needed to do the job. As a result, you’ll finish your projects faster and with the confidence that your data is complete and accurate.


Automated Gyro Stations

Determine Azimuth Anywhere, Anytime. Backsight, traverse, and solar observation are no longer required for seeking true north when Gyro X II is at your job site. It operates anywhere, any time, even where other technologies do not work or even when no known station is available.
  • Directional controls for tunnel construction
  • Internal baseline setup for enclosed spaces –inside buildings or hull blocks
  • Directional controls for parabola antennas or power line


Aerial Mapping System

• High accuracy aerial mapping using GNSS RTK

• No need to spend time on collecting Ground Control Points

• Get high accuracy in areas that cannot be accessed

• Full post processing and evaluation software

Geomax Zipp10 Pro Series

Zipp10 Pro Series

The Zipp10 Pro is your economic choice when price counts as much as performance. It provides seamless data flow via USB stick, coaxial reflectorless measurements and a full set of applications. These benefits are again proving the best price-to-performance.

The complete Total Station 

With its 250m reflectorless measurement range, 2” and 5” angle accuracy, a large bright display and simple to use applications, the Zipp10 Pro is your ideal tool for all surveying or construction tasks.