Aerial Mapping System

• High accuracy aerial mapping using GNSS RTK

• No need to spend time on collecting Ground Control Points

• Get high accuracy in areas that cannot be accessed

• Full post processing and evaluation software

SIRIUS PRO Aerial Mapping System. 

High accuracy without ground control 

The Sirius Pro delivers highly accurate aerial mapping results using GNSS-RTK. Achieving 5cm accuracy without Ground Control Points (GCP) means an increase in productivity when compared to other solutions.

In the traditional approach, placing GCPs and measuring them adds a significant amount of extra time and cost to the project; the time dealing with GCPs can be more than 50% of the whole project time. On projects where the ground area access was impossible or extremely limited, providing high accuracy mapping was a serious problem. Without enough GCPs it was hard to match the accuracy requirements set by your customer – rendering projects uneconomical. 

Instead of GCPs, Sirius PRO uses GNSS RTK in combination with precision timing technology to determine the exact location for each of the positions at which a photo is taken. This precise positioning technology allows the image locations to be used as the equivalent of GCPs.

Work in mountainous areas 

Flight plan automatically adapts to an elevation model

Cover areas that require more than one flight 

Save up to 30% flight time for large UAS missions: Flight plan splits up automatically and rejoins for post processing

Simple hand launch 

The UAS is directly launched by hand, no catapult etc. is necessary

Land in areas where automatic landing is impossible 

If obstacles or the dimensions of the landing area prevent automatic landing, the operator can easily land autopilot assisted. The UAS is stabilized by the autopilot and manually controlled by simple up/down, left/right commands


The UAS is fully operational with wind of up to 50 km/h (approx. 7Bft) with gusts up to 65 km/h (approx. 8Bft)


Use the UAS even in rain.


Operate the system in hot or cold outside temperatures from -20°C to +45°C


High quality camera performs exceptionally well under low light conditions

Auto Pilot and Assisted Flying 

The auto pilot enables the Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) to fly autonomously. It steers the UAS during launch, flight and landing. The assisted mode allows simple left/right, up/down commands supported by the auto pilot. This unique feature allows even unexperienced pilots to safely steer and land the plane manually.

SIRIUS PRO Project Workflow 

The Sirius Pro comes with all software for a complete workflow.

Flight Planning 

Plan the flight by using the Desktop flight planning software. The flight starts after the flight plan is transferred to the UAS.

Image Acquisition 

During the flight the controller software ensures that the UAS autonomously follows the track that was planned before takeoff. The onboard camera captures images automatically and these are stored on the UAS.

Post Processing 

After the flight single pictures are post processed into orthophotos and DEMs. These can then be easily analysed using ImageMaster software.



• Ground station with remote control 

• Camera kit 

• Accessories kit 

• Transport Box 

• Software Suite

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