Satlab SL 500

Multi Constellation Tracking 

Fully compatible to all the GNSS constellations available with onboard 220 channels. It can track GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO satellite constellations as well as SBAS satellites. This is futureproof equipment!

Seamless Operation in CORS Networks 

Since VRS is native technology, it works perfectly with corrections from CORS networks in any versions of CMR or RTCM without needing to interpret the message but reading seamlessly. No need to check wrong fixes due to wrong interpretation anymore.

Fully Automated Operation

Once parameters are set, “push the button” does the rest to get ready for rover operation. No more torture of “Several Steps to Make the System Ready” for every single operation. No need to spend time to set up rover again and again anymore. 4-cell Long Endurance Li-ion Battery. It ensures that you can work a whole day without changing the battery. It also supplies enough power for UHF radio operation without requiring heavy external lead acid batteries. No need to carry extra batteries anymore. 

High Power Internal Transceiver UHF Radio 

2-watt SatLab or 1-watt Pac Crest TrimTalk© UHF radio options. SatLab offers fully integrated UHF radio options with high power. 2-watt transceiver internal radio is an excellent solution for UHF RTK operations. 1-watt radio, on the other hand, could be used with other brands having TrimTalk© compatible radios. No need to have cables and bulk batteries for high power UHF radio anymore.

Designed to European Standards 

Every single piece in this set is designed to meet European quality standards. Housing is made of General Electric Xenoy 5220U polymer resin to withstand severe and harsh environment conditions. There is also a special latching technology on flexible flat cablesto ensure trouble-free operation under impact or vibration. Whole system hasfull CE and FCC certificates. No need to worry about quality issues anymore. 

Fast and Reliable Support Center 

Swedish based central support office gives the fastest and the most reliable support for any kind of problem. No need to wait months for a small repair anymore. 

Complementary Solutions 

SatLab offers a broad selection of Software packages for different applications with large number of supported data formats in GIS and CAD. No need to buy different systems for different applications anymore. 

Environmently Friendly 

All SatLab products are manufactured keeping the environment in mind. All electronics are RoHS certified and SatLab AB takes full responsibility for recycling end of life products.

GNSS Tracking

- 220 Channels
- GPS L1 L2 L5 L2C
- SBAS L1 L5

Data Management

- 20 Hz Update
- CMR, CMR+, RTCM SC104 2.1, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1 
- VRS, FKP, MAC Support 
- NMEA Output

I/O Interface

- 2 x RS232 Serial 
- 2 x DC Power Input 
- 1 x USB 
- 1 x Bluetooth 


- GE XENOY 5520U Thermoplastic Alloy Housing 
- IP67 Waterproof/Dustproof 
- Operating Temp: -45 C0 to +65 C0 
- Storage Temp: - 55 C0 to +85 C0 
- Shock: withstands 3 meters drop 


- Integrated GPRS Modem 
- Integrated UHF Modem Options 
     • Transceiver Radio 2 Watts (SatLab) 
    • Transceiver Radio 1 Watt (Trimtalk/Satel Support) 


- Dimension: 19.5 cm x 10.4 cm 
- Weight: 1300 gr 


- DC 6-36 V Input 
- 4400 mAh LiIon Battery 
- Battery Life 
    • 15 Hours Static
    • 12 Hours RTK Rover (UHF or GPRS) 
    • 8 Hours RTK Base 


- RTK H 1cm+1ppm, V 2cm+1ppm 
- PP H 0.25cm+1ppm, V 0.5cm+1ppm

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